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Rental Property Income

The focus of this blog is on the dividend growth investment strategy I am pursuing with regards to my dividend portfolio. I generally write about potential recent stock purchases, and how my investments have impacted my portfolio. While I love the DGI strategy and am committed to its long term success, I realize that there… Read More »

August 2017 Dividend Income Report

August is officially in the history books and that means it’s time to take stock of how the portfolio did. One of the things that occurred in August was that I finally received my bonus from work. With that bonus, I wrote about how I invested $15,000 into my portfolio. This led to an increase… Read More »


We are only human and subject to making mistakes. Over the past month, I almost made some silly mistakes that had the potential to cost me dearly. In fact, I had several whoops moments, both good and bad. The purpose of this post is to articulate the nature of those mistakes in hopes that you… Read More »

One Down One To Go

Thanks to an influx of forgotten cash, I made two important payments today. One of those payment was to one of my student loans. The other was to one of my credit cards. Let’s dive in. Student Loans I have two student loans. However, today, I wrote my past payment of $552.92 to pay off… Read More »