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Vacation Planning

So, I’m sitting here on a train for the next 4 hours on my vacation and thought I’d write a post about vacation planning. This is more of a rant than anything, so I understand if don’t want to continue reading. But, clearly, I didn’t think this through thoroughly enough. I should have done a better job… Read More »

Emergency Fund

Emergency funds are important. Most financial advisers will tell you that before you start to invest, you probably should have about 3-6 months of emergency funds available. Dave Ramsey suggests that before you start to payoff your debts, you should establish $1000 in emergency funds. I generally tend to agree. You don’t really appreciate the value… Read More »

Backup Your Blog – New Feature Added

I just had a scare. Dividend Portfolio went down for a few hours. I was totally freaked out. But the experience has taught me the importance of having a backup. This is why I’m suggesting that if you’re not doing this, you should backup your blog. Here’s what happened. I visited Captain Dividend’s blog and liked a feature… Read More »

Dividend Portfolio Excites Me

I know it’s been a while since I created a post. Truth be told, I won’t be fully back until May. But, I couldn’t wait until then before expressing why Dividend Portfolio excites me. Today, I did a search for Divided Portfolio on Google. I typed “dividend portfolio” in the search engine without the use… Read More »

Still Here

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I just wanted to give let you know I’m still here.  The next few months are going to  be tough for me to post, but I’m going to try. Work is keeping me busy, and with other things going on, posting is difficult. I’m generally a private… Read More »