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Google Adsense

Dividend Portfolio began in late 2015.  Since that time, I’ve never published a guest post or ran an advertisement.  The most I’ve done was reference a few affiliate links here or there.  And, I’ve made a whopping $0.00 doing that.  Well, earlier today, I took a very small step towards achieving my goal of having… Read More »

Savings Rate: The Secret To Early Retirement

For years, I’ve been interested in the subject of personal finance.  I’ve read many books, listened to many podcasts and more.  I thought I had a a basic idea of what I needed to do in order to retire.  However, I recently discovered a secret.  That is, there is a distinct relationship between your savings… Read More »

My Financial Plan

So, the new year is upon us.  We’ve said good bye to 2017, and have a whole new year to look forward to.  I’ve made my resolutions and now it’s time to dig a little bit deeper.  For today’s post, I’m going to be discussing more of my financial plan for the new year.  I’m definitely… Read More »

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Dividend Growth Stocks

Do you have a magnificent portfolio of highly diversified dividend growth stocks? Or, are you new to investing and are looking at investing in dividend growth stocks for the first time? Well, you’ve come to right place. There are many reasons why investors choose to invest in dividend growth investing (DGI).  And, in fact, there… Read More »

$600 Annual Dividend Income Milestone Reached

Thank you Johnson and Johnson.  I logged into my account at Computershare and noticed that my recent addition to my JNJ shares have been updated.  I am the proud owner of 12.255425 shares of JNJ stock.  More importantly, because I increased the number of shares, this puts my forward annual dividends to just over $600 for… Read More »