It’s a new year. My blog is two years old. I’m very proud of the progress that I’ve made since starting Dividend Portfolio. I think creating this blog has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I’m more dedicated, focused and determined to succeed and accomplish my goals more than ever before. 2017 was a good year.  Now, I hope that 2018 will be much better!

Now that it’s a new year, here are my goals for 2018:

Dividends – 2018

  • Earn $1000 in forward annual dividend income.
  • Earn $800 in actual dividend income received.
  • Contribute a minimum of $1010 to my portfolio every month.

Personal – 2018

  • Do not eat out every day
  • Work out 4 times per week
  • Drink alcohol only on the weekends

Blog – 2017

  • Contribute to the dividend community by leaving comments on other blogs by adding at least 3 comments per month on a dividend blog.
    • Met
  • Write at least one post per month!
    • Met

Dividends – 2017

  • Earn $200 in dividends by the end of the year.
    • Met
  • Contribute a minimum of $800 per month to buying shares.
    • Met

Financial – 2017

  • Invest enough in Realty Income so that every month, the dividends will be reinvested to purchase at least one share.
    • Not Met
  • Edit June 21, 2017:  Begin making $2000 towards my student loan debt starting no later than August 2017.
    • Not Met

Blog – 2016

  • Have 10 independent comments to the blog by the end of the year.
    • Met
  • Leave one comment per week on another person’s blog
    • Not Met
  • Learn to acquire and track traffic to the site
    • Partially Met
  • Write at least one post per week
    • Not Met

Dividends – 2016

  • Earn $100 by the end of the year –
    • Not Met
  • Contribute $200 a month to buying shares
    • Not Met

Financial – 2016

  • Save a minimum of $1000 in emergency funds.
    • Met


Goals are important. I didn’t meet all my goals in 2017, but it was important to have them written down. It’s also important to ensure that the goals are realistic. Now that we are in 2018, I feel that I have established the foundation to build on my portfolio and achieve my yearly goals.