2017 goalsIt’s a new year. My blog is one year old. Starting my blog has been something I’ve put off for years.  I’ve always wanted to do it but never got around to it. I’ve even attempted a couple of times to create the blog, but something always kept preventing me from going forward. For example, my last excuse was that I couldn’t find a website theme that I liked. I’ve finally settled on this simple but elegant theme and now I’ve got one of my major goals from 2016 accomplished, which is to start my very own blog.

Now that it’s a new year, here are my other goals for 2017:

Blog Goals – 2017

  • Contribute to the dividend community by leaving comments on other blogs by adding at least 3 comments per month on a dividend blog. Now that I have a blog, I realize the usefulness of comments both to the reader and the site owner. As a casual reader, I’ve always taken this for granted. But sometimes I might have something to add and my goal is to add my voice to the community.
  • Write at least one post per month! Before I had a goal of one post per week. That is wholly unrealistic given my schedule.

Dividend Goals – 2017

  • Earn $200 in dividends by the end of the year. I reached my $100 in April 2017, although the portfolio I represent here on this blog does not show it.
  • Contribute a minimum of $800 per month to buying shares. This is going to be extremely tough since I’m also trying to get rid of my student loan debt. Life always has a way of throwing curve balls your way, so I hope to be able to do this -especially if I want to earn $200 in dividend income by the end of the year.

Financial Goals – 2017

  • Invest enough in Realty Income so that every month, the dividends will be reinvested to purchase at least one share.
    • Realty Income is my favorite stock. Unfortunately, it’s a REIT, which means I get taxed on the dividends at a higher rate than other regular stocks. In any case, Realty Income pays dividends on a monthly basis. My goal is to invest enough money in Realty Income so that it can purchase an additional share of stock in the same company. Once I do this, I will move on to my next favorite stock.
  • Edit June 21, 2017:  Begin making $2000 towards my student loan debt starting no later than August 2017. I have a $20,000 student loan balance and I’ve decided to get rid of that in about 10-12 months. This goal was added on June 21, 2017.

2016 Blog Goals

  • Have 10 independent comments to the blog by the end of the year.
  • Leave one comment per week on another person’s blog – Not Met
  • Learn to acquire and track traffic to the site – Partially Met
  • Write at least one post per week – Not Met

2016 Dividend Goals

  • Earn $100 by the end of the year – Not Met.  Note, that goal met in April 2017
  • Contribute $200 a month to buying shares – Not Met. Note, regularly invested $90 per share.

2016 Financial Goals

  • Save a minimum of $1000 in emergency funds.


Goals are important. I didn’t meet all my goals in 2016, but it was important to have them written down. It’s also important to ensure that the goals are realistic. Now that we are in 2017, I feel that I have established the foundation to build on my portfolio and achieve my yearly goals.