Dividend Portfolio

Here is my Dividend Portfolio that was started from scratch, zero, ziltch, nada!


There are many ways to build wealth. You can start your own business or maybe even buy a franchise. Real estate investing is another option and so is investing in the stock market. Within each of these vehicles to building wealth, there are several different approaches you can take. For example, in real estate, you can buy and flip houses, or simply invest in rental properties.

Some investment strategies are more active or involved than others. Some require a greater deal of experience and knowledge than others. Of all the various strategies to build wealth, dividend investing is one of my favorites. Creating my own dividend portfolio of well-established companies that consistently pay me dividends every month or every quarter is very appealing. Not only that, but unlike some business or real estate investment strategies, I can start building my portfolio with very little money.

I am under no illusion. Dividend Portfolio is a blog about a portfolio for the small investor. This blog started with a portfolio making less than $50 in dividends a year. That’s right, less than $50 in dividends! No one is going to get rich off of $50, or $100 extra every year.

Now, imagine. What if that $50 did grow into $100? And what if that $100 grew into $1000 in dividend income every year? With the power of increased investment contributions coupled with the power of compounding, it can happen. Would $1000 a year in dividends make a difference? That’s an extra $83.33 a month. Again, nobody is going to get rich off of an extra $83.33 per month, but who would refuse to accept money that could potentially last them for the rest of their life?

But if you could, why stop at only $1000 a year? What if you could grow your dividend portfolio to a modest $12000 in dividends per year. Could you live just off the dividends if you lived frugally? Could that money be used as supplemental income? Again, that’s not money that’s going to make you rich. But those dividends could be used to supplement your existing income.

This dividend portfolio isn’t here to show you how to get rich quick or anything like that. In fact, I wish I knew how, but I don’t. This portfolio is here to show the small investor that dividend investing is a viable strategy that, at a minimum can help supplement your income. With enough capital, you can even use this strategy to build wealth.

I hope that this dividend portfolio, and this blog will encourage you to create your own portfolio. I’m not a financial advisor, planner, or anything of the sorts so I can’t give financial or investment advice. I am just an average guy who likes dividend stocks and who wants to share his small dividend portfolio with the world.

Check out the various posts on this site, leave a comment, and let me know what you think. Hopefully, you’ll find some strategy, or some idea that will be beneficial to you. Finally, for guidance on creating your own portfolio, go to DividendMeter. I followed that template to create my portfolio.

Thanks for checking out my dividend portfolio.