Hi everyone.  Glen here.  However, I’m going to be using either the pseudonym Dividend Portfolio or Data Lore.  I figured I would take off of my favorite Star Trek characters, Data and Lore – hence the name.  I’m not necessarily ready to put myself out there, as I’m private.  However, I hope that you’ll still stick around and check out my portfolio, leave a comment or suggestion, and maybe even recommend your friends to visit this blog about my dividend portfolio.

Ninja 650R

If you are interested in dividend growth investing as a strategy, then I hope that you will be inspired by this blog, as I was by reviewing such famous blogs like Dividend Mantra. I became inspired to create my own blog documenting my dividend growth investing strategy.  This blog will focus on my small portfolio starting from zero.  It is not meant to give anyone financial advice as I am not a financial adviser.  Truth be told, I’m not even sure I know what I’m doing when it comes to dividend investing.  While Dividend Mantra wants to use his dividend growth investment strategy to retire, I don’t think I have his discipline.

I wanted to start from $0.  I know that lot of blogs that have been in existence for years have accumulated a sizable portfolio.  While they are to be commended, and I hope to do the same, it’s a little overwhelming for someone who inspires to be that successful but who is starting out with nothing.  Hopefully, my story will help inspire you to get started with your own portfolio.  I do have other investments (such as my Roth IRA and the like) that I hope will one day provide a sufficient source for my retirement needs.  So, the amounts posted on this site are in addition to other investments I have going on.

Thank you

There is one other site that I wish to thank.  That site is DividendMeter.  Although I was inspired by other dividend blogs to create my very own blog, it was only after going through the tutorial at DividendMeter that really pushed me over the top.  It might sound silly, but I’m sure I could have easily created my own spreadsheets and figured out the calculations myself.  However, even after trying on my own, I always felt something was missing.  Before I put a lot of effort into a blog, I really wanted a way to track my dividend income.  Somehow, the visual representation of the portfolio at DividendMeter put things into proper perspective.  I can easily tell what my yearly dividend income is. I can also say when there might be a buying opportunity, and how each stock or share relate to the overall portfolio.  Thank you DividendMeter.

So, I’m glad you found this blog about my dividend portfolio and I hope you find the information inspiring. Whether it’s through dividend investing, stock trading, real estate investing, or savings under a mattress, I wish you success.


PS:  I ride a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650R ABS Model motorcycle as depicted in the picture above in case you were wondering.