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automatic millionaire

David Bach makes several great points in this best-seller.  I will highlight just two of them.  First, David says that you should pay yourself first.  Too many people pay their expenses first and then wait until the end of the month before they realize that they don’t have enough money to save.  David Bach says that you should first pay yourself first, a percentage of your income, and then with the rest of your income pay your bills.  The other big point that David Bach makes is that you should make your savings and investments automatic.  It takes the emotions out of things and it helps you stay on course.  This is a great book and I highly recommend it.


I will teach you to be richThis book is by Ramit Sethi.  Ramit writes in an easy to read style.  I also follow a modified version of his approach.  One of the best parts of the book that I like is Ramit’s approach to budgeting.  He basically hates the word.  He teaches his readers to not worry about creating a budget, but rather having a conscious spending plan.  That is, guilt free spending on anything you want as long as the essentials are taken care of.  Ramit also writes about how to optimize your credit cards and your bank accounts.  He also talks about investing.  Even though it was published several years ago, I think some of the principles are relevant today.