Inspirational Quote Of The Month – February 2018

What a busy week its been!  I’ve had so many long hours at work.  I actually have to go back to work today, tomorrow and even Monday, which is a holiday.  It does feel good putting in a hard day of work, but I’d rather do what I want rather than what I must to… Read More »

Increased Expenses

It was inevitable.  The low expensive lifestyle that I’ve enjoyed is coming to an end.  It now seems very apparent that my expenses will significantly increase this summer.  It’s not entirely surprising, but it is what it is.  Let’s take a closer look at my increased expenses in just a few months. Housing Expenses Well,… Read More »

Google Adsense

Dividend Portfolio began in late 2015.  Since that time, I’ve never published a guest post or ran an advertisement.  The most I’ve done was reference a few affiliate links here or there.  And, I’ve made a whopping $0.00 doing that.  Well, earlier today, I took a very small step towards achieving my goal of having… Read More »

Progress Report – January 2018

I’ve been meaning to update my readers on a number of various topics that I’m focused on in 2018.  At first, I was going to do separate posts about each and I might still do that in the future.  But, for now, I’ve decided to lump all of them into one post.  As we know,… Read More »

Dividend Income Report – January 2018

What a long month January was.  For a guy who only gets paid twice a month, I had way too much month left after my money.  But, February is finally here and now I’m all smiles.  That’s because I can once again make a contribution to my dividend portfolio.  Just like clockwork, every month I… Read More »

Savings Rate: The Secret To Early Retirement

For years, I’ve been interested in the subject of personal finance.  I’ve read many books, listened to many podcasts and more.  I thought I had a a basic idea of what I needed to do in order to retire.  However, I recently discovered a secret.  That is, there is a distinct relationship between your savings… Read More »

Fixed Expenses

There are a few key ingredients to building wealth.  These include your income, expenses, savings rate, rate of return and time.  I will go into several of these topics in later posts. But for today, I wanted to focus on expenses.  And, specifically, fixed expenses. Expenses Generally, to build wealth, you can either increase your… Read More »

Recent Buy – Emerson Electric (EMR)

Just wanted to bring to your attention that I recently added Emerson Elecrtric (EMR) to my dividend portfolio.  EMR is a company that I’ve considered numerous times before but didn’t really have the will power to pull the trigger.  Well, it’s a New Year.  And with that comes new motivation.  So, here are my reasons… Read More »

Inspirational Quote of the Month – January 2018

It’s that time for me to choose the inspirational quote to help me and my readers get through the month.  It’s a New Year and, already, we are taking time off to celebrate Martin Luther King.  For some folks, with a New Year comes new resolution to focus on.  I have made my resolutions for… Read More »

52 Week Money Challenge

Have you ever heard of the 52 week money challenge?  If not, well, you’ve come to the right place.  Basically, the 52 week money challenge is a great and fun way to save money throughout the year.  We all know that it can be difficult saving money at times.  There are also various ways to… Read More »